Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fair, if perverse, Use

So, the magic power of google alerts directed me to a blog called Ecuador Investing, where there is a discussion of my recent article on how Correa's embrace of free market, resource extractive developmentalism was alienating indigenous and social movements. The blog post used my article as proof that Correa isn't anyone for investors to be afraid of and that transnational capitalists are still comfortably in charge: "To the benefit of a free market, Mr. Correa’s actions are consistently inconsistent with his populist discourse."

He goes on to celebrate my analysis that Correa, rather than supporting any socio-economic transformation to benefit the country's poor, "intends to 'regulate' not 'nationalize' private enterprise. This regulation will benefit employees, start-up companies, and foreign firms that lack close contact with government insiders."

While the indigenous and environmental movements feel that mining will be an ecological and public health disaster, the blog states, "The new constitution along with Rafael Correa’s focus on development economics should be good for both Ecuador and investors alike."

I feel dirty. My analysis has been used by the forces of evil.

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