Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To the NYT: Police Repression Not Newsworthy?

I emailed this to letters@nytimes.com

To the Editor,

I was surprised to learn that The New York Times doesn't believe that the arrest of five journalists outside the Republican National Convention in St. Paul merits coverage. Videos show a number of these journalists clearly identifying themselves to police as members of the press. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman also reports that after their arrests, the secret service took RNC press passes off of her and show producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous before photographing them.

Police repression of the press constitutes a serious threat to democracy.

A second Democracy Now! producer was also arrested, along with photographers from the Associated Press and The New York Post. Hundreds of other peaceful demonstrators have also been arrested, including dozens in heavy-handed and baseless preemptive raids.

The Post photographer reportedly told police, "We're even a Republican newspaper!" as he was led away in handcuffs. Given the dismal coverage of police repression in St. Paul, it is not at all clear what kind of newspaper the Times is.

Daniel Denvir
Quito Ecuador

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